Why work with npba?

n.p.b.a is a company specialized in Data Management and Analytics applied to business.

A unique blend of Data and Business expertise

When you work with n.p.b.a, you benefit from a unique blend of Data and Business expertise acquired from many years in innovative, competitive and highly demanding companies, with extensive hands-on experience at a wide variety of real-world business cases.

Extensive and updated Knowledge

Working with n.p.b.a. ensure you to benefit from updated knowledge in the fields of Data Management, Analytics applied to Business and Finance. As active member of an extensive Ecosystem, we contribute to the research and lastest developments in the fields of Data and Analytics applied to Business.


At n.p.b.a, we love to share our knowledge and learn new stuff all the time. We also want to be sure our clients always benefit from the latest technologies and innovations.


This is why we participate on the long-run in several Working Groups, Meet-ups, Confererences in the fields of Data, Analytics, Business and Finance. We also provide mentorship to start-ups. Find here our contributions.