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Business Cases

n.p.b.a supports companies in different fields in all phases of their Development, as a consultant or as a member of the Advisory Board.


Companies who work with us benefit from a joint expertise in Data and Business, with extensive hands-on experience at a wide variety of real-world business cases.

Here some of our last business cases :

  • Tech X (Finance + Risk):


-Strategic Advisor of several companies specialized in data : analytics, real-time analytics and forecasting, merchandising of databases.

-Strategy of funding and go-to-market of several FinTech in Asset Management. Working on the adequation between the offer and the existing market, stress-testing of the business plan according several hypothesis of interest rates evolution, regulation change etc...

-Advisory services for a company specialized in Risk Monitoring. Definition of the go-to-market regarding prospects, regulation and competition.

-Strategy of funding of a Data-driven company in the field of Industrial Data Monitoring. Adapting the business plan to the investors need. 

  • Tech X (Culture + Design)

-Teacher of Business to Master students specialized in Design and Interactive Innovation : support to realize the business plan of their end-of-study entrepreneurial project


-Growth Strategy of a Tech+Design Company. Working on the business plan and research of management and production partners.  

-Development strategy of a tech+music company specializing in the development of tools for DJ's.

-Commercial development in Switzerland of a French Tech Company based in France, that provides innovating solutions in the field of literature.

-Funding strategy of a Cultural Festival and Advisory regarding their Financial Monitoring process, to ensure an efficient control of the budget.

-Proposition for a possible line of approach for the funding strategy of a museum of modern and contemporary art.

-Valuation of a company in the sector of Tourism, taking into account the maturity and specificities of the company.

  • Smart Cities & IoT:

-Member of the ITU-T DPM focus group : Taking into account the data interoperability, classification, format and security issues that affect various stakeholders, this Focus Group plays a role in providing a platform to share views, to develop a series of deliverables, and showcasing initiatives, projects, and standards activities linked to data processing and management and establishment of IoT ecosystem solutions for data focused cities.  

-Development of an app based on IoT Sensors Data to predict Fun and provide users informations about funny places (sound, music, crowd, friends...).

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